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8 Nov
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Community Neighborhood Housing Services

Community Neighborhood Housing Services (St. Paul, MN)



After calling Community Neighborhood Housing Services, I find that this, like everything else, is a little disheartening. They tell me that my house is not technically underwater, but I’m not able to discern why. Nonetheless, I set up an appointment to have them look at my bank statements and taxes. Here’s the bullet point recap of the conversation.

Obtain your home’s Taxable Market Value

For my county, they instruct me to go to:
Ramsey County Tax and Property Lookup at the Ramsey County website.
Type in your address
Look at it from 1st loan perspective.

Of course the website is not working, so they look it up for me.

Taxable Market Value: $140,000

They tell me this only applies to the first loan, so my house is not actually underwater. I need more information to understand, which I plan to gather at the meeting. Here’s what they tell me I need, as a self-employed individual applying for the HARP.

Items Needed for the Meeting at Community Neighborhood Housing Services (In Progress)

From my Bank

• 3 months of banks statements – business and personal
• Monthly mortgage statement (1st and 2nd loan)

From my Accountant

• 3 years of self-employed tax returns
• PNL (profit and loss statement) – January 1st, 2001 to end of October.

From Me

• Copies of all utility bills (on paper)
• Statement with my house insurance  (in escrow)