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6 Nov
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Neighborhood Housing Organizations

Since I started documenting the process of applying for the HARP program, I’ve been talking to a lot of people about my journey through understanding it. So many blockades arise as a result of negligence, inattentiveness, intentional and unintentional confusion, and mindlessness.

Yesterday, a friend told me that he was able to receive a lower interest rate with the HARP program by collaborating with Neighborhood Housing Services in Minneapolis, MN.

Neighborhood Housing Services (Minneapolis, MN)

This organization sorted through all the preliminary details for my friend, at no cost, and all he had to do was jump in at the end to verify that he wanted to move ahead with the HARP program. Because this organization was able to advocate for my friend, and knew what the rules were, they were successful. It’s not so easy for the average homeowner, and that’s because the banks and mortgage companies don’t want to make it easy.

Neighborhood Housing Organizations — Are They Key to Accessing the HARP Program?

I started wondering how many other neighborhood or housing organizations are out there in the United States, helping homeowners make sense of, and access, programs that are intended for them. And how many of these people are not able to weed through the red tape themselves.

Because I live in St. Paul, the organization my friend worked with was not able to assist me, but on Monday I will call the neighborhood association they recommended for my area to see if they are able to help.

Community Neighborhood Housing Services (St. Paul, MN)

Check back to find out what I learn.