31 Dec
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NY Times: Foreclosure Relief? Don’t Hold Your Breath

In an article entitled Foreclosure Relief? Don’t Hold Your Breath, (December 24th,2011) the NY Times reported on a new program to help homeowners with foreclosure reparations.

“Throughout the foreclosure crisis, Washington has done little to help people hang on to their homes. All those programs that were supposed to help — HAMP, HARP, Hope for Homeowners — have mostly failed.”

More than a helpful link on information about the HARP program itself, this link is provided to show the overall messiness of all of these programs. For anyone who is going through the foreclosure process (or is thinking about it), in some cases these programs can hurt, more than they help. (So, do your research.)

“None of this surprises Ms. Cohen or others familiar with the regulator. “This is the O.C.C . that we’re talking about,” she said. “It has a long record of favoring banks over homeowners.”

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