One Woman’s Journey to Solving Her Own Housing Crisis

On Monday, October 24th, the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) announced a new program to expand support to more Americans whose homes are underwater: Harp Phase II. That day, I made it my personal mission to learn more about HARP.

I am an average homeowner who has gone to extraordinary lengths to stay in her home. After being turned down for various refinance options and HARP program assistance, I am determined to start “Making Sense of HARP.”

My goal is to find out why people like me are not able to easily access the programs that are designed to help keep them in their homes. And, hopefully, it will make it a little simpler for others along the way.

Read How the Story Begins

Join me as I share my story, document the process, post relevant articles and try to unfold a clear, step-by-step process for how to apply for the HARP Phase II program. Visit the link below to start at the beginning of my messy home situation.

Welcome to Your New Home